sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010


There are party bells in my heart 
When knowing a celestial angel 
That with their shine and love 
Illuminates my heart. 

When I think of you,  
I think of the fondness of your soul. 
In the sweetness of your look 
In the illusion knowing you.

When I dream of you 
I dream of being in dawn 
In the perfect moment  
In the minute that offered me 
The heat and the passion

Your angel look 
That makes sleepy and tenderizes 
That it is as the song of a nightingale. 

The light that irradiate your eyes 
It wraps and it tenderizes 
It falls in love and it rouses 
To my heart.

I know that
I listen in each awakening 
To a nightingale 
And those nightingales are you. 

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